Why on Earth
shouldn't businesses purchase online as simply as consumers do?

The only platform enabling a frictionless online purchasing journey for business buyers.
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Balance, the first business checkout

Redesigned from the ground-up, tailored for modern business buyers.

    Reduce manual work, leaving you with much more time and customers in your hands

    Don't lose business buyers because you don't support the way to are use to pay their vendors offline.

    Eliminate customer dropoff due to offline internal approvals

How we create value for B2B merchants

With Balance, Response was able to reduce our time to pay from over a week to a matter of minutes while also creating a frictionless experience for our buyers
Keivan, CEO
We decided to go with Balance as they understand our payment use case really well and are focused solely on us as B2B merchants
Moshe, CEO
I'm excited about this! it really addresses the major issues our business buyers complain about.
Peter, eCommerce Manager
It's a really strong proposition that solves real pain points in capturing and converting business buyers online
Andy, B2B eCommerce Manager

Hello there! 👋

We’re two former PayPal employees, experts in the Product and Payments realm. We saw the frustration business buyers experience when trying to purchase online. After a friendship and joint work of many years, we decided to tackle one of the biggest challenges B2B e-commerce experience today.

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